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CBU Leadership Institute 

Developing and equipping people to do the right things the right ways.

Why does leadership matter? 

The Leadership Institute exists to provide people with the science and art to lead well, to judiciously make the right things happen the right ways in their personal and professional endeavors. But why is leadership so important?


Bad leaders ruin good people and organizations. Good leaders help people and organizations to thrive. Any leader can transition into good leadership with the right tools and learning. This means, good leadership can be learned.

"Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other." 

JFK, The Unspoken Speech

November 11, 1963


Good leadership develops people and optimizes the performance of the collective to accomplish cherished value-laden goals. The Leadership Institute equips leaders to be wise and ethical leaders who represent Jesus in all that they say and do.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." 

Frequently cited by Harry S. Truman and Ronald Regan


Leadership is a science in that there is an established body of knowledge and corresponding set of best practices. It is an art in that it requires creativity and innovation to bring about the desired outcomes. A good leader is practiced in leveraging both.

"The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example." 

John Wooden 

What are we about?

Who are Paul and Annie Kienel? 

The Leadership Institute's Mission

The Dr. Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute is an interdisciplinary think tank and service provider that equips emerging and established leaders to excel in their personal and professional pursuits for the betterment of society. Due to the generosity of benefactors, the Institute Fellows pursues a range of initiatives and provide programs to develop competent, virtuous and endearing leaders who in turn will have enduring legacies of goodness in their collectives. See more about these initiatives below. 

Leadership Development Seminars

Initiative 1: The Leadership Institute develops and hosts leadership seminars on a variety of topics, covering themes such as leadership perspectives and skills, decision making, leadership tactics, and more. Seminars are available for a variety of ministries, organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.


Initiative 2: The Dr. Paul & Annie Kienel Leadership Institute emphasizes the importance of mentoring. We connect interested mentees with mentors from our fellows and colleagues. There is a great potential for leadership growth and moments of clarity and enhanced awareness as mentees attend workshops and seminars and engage with knowledgeable mentors.


Initiative 3: Provide scholarships for students in the undergraduate and graduate programs in leadership studies.

Research and Publications 

Initiative 4: Discover and disseminate original research and best practices related to leadership from special and general revelation.

Initiative 5: Host forums and develop publications that promote wise debate and judicious engagement on critical social issues.

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